Welcome to chaos never before seen in kart!

Formula Kart Blast, the newest major gamemode of the hit kart racer, SRB2Kart is finally getting a release! After a year of being soft released, the new and improved Formula Kart Blast DX is finally coming, and below, you can see the amazing new content awaiting you!


-Longer, more engaging races! 

Take it up to 11 or higher with lap counts going all the way to 50 laps of chaos! Take your pick between 8, 15, 30, and 50 laps to a race, all guaranteed to provide the most chaos in any kart mod!

-Redone Item System!

Tired of the boring old item system? Dont you worry! Every standard item can be pulled in any position now! No more will you be bored by races with no item variety, and speaking of which...

-New Items!

More items than ever before! totaling 50! Holy heck, that's a lotta carnage! With so many new versions of items and so many more planned for the future, who knows what could be next!

-New HUD!

An all new, repositioned hud was made to complement the gamemode, designed to help clear up the bottom of the screen alongside giving it full custom resolution compatibility!

-And So Much More!

Check it out now at srv.platinumonline.net:5032 and play before it's even released!