What is MKRevamp?

MarioKart Revamp is a community project designed to provide kart with the best Mario Kart maps and all new Mario Kart themed expereinces! It also serves as a way to help newer mappers get involved in mapping. Submissions are always accepted, and help is always appreciated.

Look below for what's coming!

Wave 1

SNES Rainbow Road

Made by Plom510, this was the first community contribution to the pack!

GBA Bowser Castle 3

Made by Jana Sol, this is actually the oldest map in the pack, dating back almost 3 years!

3DS Rock Rock Mountain

Made by Jana Sol, this map was the first to include KartSoundscapes, allowing for dynamic music!

N64 Bowser Castle

Made by Jana Sol, this was a personal challenge to go from nothing to a fully playable map in a mere week!

WiiU Excitebike Arena

Made by Jana Sol, this map actually has a randomly chosen layout out of three possibilities, making each race unique!

MKR GBA Rainbow Road

Made by Dinomial, this is the first of the new MKR enhanced maps! Built from the ground up to improve the experience vastly!

MKR DS Peach Gardens

Made by Mayo, this was a surprising addition that decides to stray a bit more from the source material to give a new and fresh experience.

Revamp'd Tracks

DS Peach Gardens

GBA Rainbow Road (Old)

SNES Donut Plains 1

SNES Mario Circuit 2

SNES Ghost Valley 2

SNES Bowser Castle 3

SNES Vanilla Lake 2